Clickwrap setup

Using Clickwraps on your website allows your customers to agree to the IRA account agreement disclosure statements from the start.  This increases the speed at which accounts can be fully opened, and does not require the customer to wait for an email with the agreement statements to sign.


The setup for integrating with Clickwraps includes using the code snippet below wherever you would like the agreement to appear.  Once run, this code snippet will appear as an overlay, allowing the customer to review the agreement and click the Agree button at the bottom.  The code contains the following HTML tags:

  • <div> that identifies where on your web page the clickwrap template should render

  • Two <script> tags:

    • One that calls the DocuSign clickwrap template JavaScript library

    • Another that calls the DocuSign Clickwrap.render method from the JavaScript library

In addition to this, the clickwrap contains document data that will need to be populated by you.  These values include:

  • clickwrapId - this is an environment variable and is used to determine which agreement will be shown to the customer.  There are set values to choose from based on the choice of accountType & investmentType.  Here are the options (applicable only to a QA/Stage environment):

    • Traditional/Roth/SEP IRA accountType & Metals investmentType: dfb7e828-def5-431b-9da3-69a36b29175f

    • SIMPLE accountType & Metals investmentType: dc004563-65f2-41ea-9de3-4e3858918f66

    • Traditional/Roth/SEP IRA accountType: 493c08ff-e9f6-4235-98f3-2785a56a22c2

    • SIMPLE accountType: 738a29f8-bb7a-4e1b-acfe-b3786a2e639a

  • clientUserId - this must be a UNIQUE value for each customer, which will be used to retrieve information once completed.  This value will then be sent within the clickwrap object when submitting an Account Open request.  Some examples of what to use as a unique value could be the customer's email address or a GUID.

  • documentData - this is information related to the customer and includes fullName, email, company, title, and date.

Code Snippet

Below is the code snippet for use with a stage / test environment for Clickwrap.  All values in blue must be modified:

<div id="ds-clickwrap">

</div> <script src=""></script>

<script> docuSignClick.Clickwrap.render({

    environment: '',

    accountId: '141755f8-0037-4534-b380-508d1ff15a74',

    clickwrapId: 'dfb7e828-def5-431b-9da3-69a36b29175f',

    clientUserId: 'UNIQUE_USER_ID',

    documentData: {

        fullName: 'Full Name',

        email: 'Email',

        date: 'Date'


}, '#ds-clickwrap');


Post Agreement

Once the customer has clicked the Agree button, you will be able to submit an Account Open request using the value provided under clientUserId within the clickwrap object.  This will indicate to us that a clickwrap agreement has been completed and we will be able to pull the data using the clientUserId.